For Fund Manager


  • Setting up various process manuals
  • Maintaining Books of Accounts
  • Preparing various statements
  • Calculation of Management, Setup and Operating fees
  • Calculation of Carry Interest

Statutory & Tax Compliance

  • Statutory payments & filings including GST, TDS, Profession Tax, as applicable
  • Preparing and issuing TDS Certificates
  • Advance tax workings

Fund Flow Management

  • Tracking various fee receipts
  • Deployment of funds in Mutual Fund/ FD, etc.
  • Vendor payments
  • Preparation of Fund flow Statement

Payroll Processing

  • Processing salaries of employees and management personnel
  • Payment of statutory dues
  • Issuance of salary slips, Form 16 to employees
  • Payment of conveyance to employees
  • Providing details on taxation on salary


  • Finalisation of Books of Accounts
  • Preparation of Financial statement
  • Appointment of Auditors
  • Assisting in audit of Books of Accounts
  • Resolving audit queries