For Fund

Contributor Onboarding/ Servicing

  • Maintaining Contributors’ Database
  • KYC Process including KRA & CKYC Registration
  • Sending welcome letter to contributors
  • Allotment of Unit Statements to Contributor
  • Tracking of clients’ contribution & distribution of Funds
  • Management of Client’s queries
  • Providing various workings/ reports to Contributors on regular basis

Fund Accounting

  • Maintaining Books of Accounts
  • Shadow accounting for offshore fund
  • Providing details of contributors
  • Maintaining accounts for individual contributor’s
  • Calculation of NAV
  • Accounting of temporary & Portfolio Investments
  • Calculation of Hurdle, Catchup, Carry, etc. as per waterfall mechanism

Fund Administration

  • Issuing Drawdown notices & Distribution Letters to Contributors
  • Reconciliation of receipt of contributions
  • Deployment of Surplus Fund
  • Making investments in portfolio companies
  • Maintaining Database of Contributors and Portfolio Companies
  • Assisting in audit of books of accounts of the Funds
  • Assisting in valuation of Portfolio Companies

Compliance Management

  • Quarterly reporting to SEBI
  • Quarterly Compliance reporting (QCR) to Trustee
  • Annual Compliance Test Report (CTR) to Trustee
  • Compliance in terms of Foreign receipt/ payments
  • Compliance for foreign investment and remittance
  • Statutory Compliance

Reporting & Portfolio Management

  • NAV Reporting to all Contributors on Quarterly Basis
  • Issuing Statement of Accounts, News Letters, MIS on Porfolio
  • Updates on the Fund Management on Quarterly basis
  • Statutory & Regulatory Reporting
  • Reporting details of investments and divestments to the Manager
  • Assisting in Valuation of Portfolio Companies
  • Tracking of Interest/Principal payment for Debt Funds

Tax Compliance

  • Statutory payments including GST, TDS, Profession Tax, as applicable
  • Filing of Returns on timely basis for TDS, GST, FATCA
  • Deducting and payment of TDS on distribution to Contributors as per Sec 64LBB
  • Providing Form 64C to Contributors and Filing Form 64D with Tax Department
  • Preparation and Issuance of TDS Certificates
  • Advance tax workingsh